A student needs to complete and pass the minimum number of credit hours to be considered a transfer student (depending on the college or university a student wants to attend) which should include coursework in your major and general education courses (IAI G.E.C.C.). See the Lincoln College catalog and/or visit the Office of Transition Services for more information and course requirements.
Specific regulations vary from college to college, however, as a general rule, for schools within Illinois the maximum number of credits accepted for transfer will be 70 semester credit hours. If applying to a private university the maximum of credits will vary, please check with the specific college or university.
In most cases, W’s are not a focus of admission decisions unless there is an excessive number of W’s over a particular period course of time.
For the Illinois public universities, it is best to apply October thru November for fall admission. Private and out-of state colleges and universities have different deadlines, but a student should always try to get an application in as soon as applications are being accepted, instead of waiting for the deadline. Please visit admissions web sites at your intended transfer institution to verify timelines.
It is highly recommended that you choose a major before transferring. In most cases, you will be required to have major prerequisites completed before you transfer. Colleges and universities will recommend that you have prerequisites for major courses prior to transfer, to ensure an easier transition to their institution and programs as well as timely degree completion