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The career assessments serve as a tool to enhance students’ discovery of what a major might be as it relates to a career. Multiple career assessments are available. The various assessments focus on personality, interest, abilities and skills.
A self-assessment is a good first step as you explore career possibilities. Self-assessments can provide you with an increased sense of self-awareness regarding your temperament and personality traits. This self-knowledge can be very helpful as you research possible career choices.
CareerOneStop Is a one-stop site to career exploration success. On this site you can explore careers, salaries, benefits; suggested educational and training needs, as well as job search options, resume and interviewing skills. Visit CareerOneStopfor your career exploration. CareerOneStop is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.
This handbook provided information for hundreds of different types of jobs – such as teacher, lawyer, and nurse. TheOccupational Outlook Handbook tells you:

  • The training and education needed
  • Earnings
  • Expected job prospects
  • What workers do on the job
  • Working conditions
This online resource provides students with detailed information on various majors and how those majors relate to specific careers. Additionally, “What Can I Do With This Major” will provide you with information regarding which employers are seeking individuals with specific degrees; the job market demand, various job descriptions and requirements; and typical salaries, training opportunities and preferred qualifications.